Notice 3

On May 4th through May 7th 2016, at the Convention Center of Ceará – East Pavilion, Hall Icapuí, in the city of Fortaleza, Capital of Ceará state, there was the 21st Brazilian Apiculture Conference and the 7th Meliponiculture Brazilian Conference. Casa Apis participated in the event with a booth, displaying their products and with the participation of several producers.

 The event had the participation of representatives and producers of various Brazilian states, as well as of several companies, researchers and beekeepers.


The official opening ceremony took place on May 4th 2016 at 6 pm. During the remaining days, 6 main lectures addressing topics of general interest of sector were attended by the participants. The event also offered 16 workshops and 16 mini-courses, in addition to other events inherent to the sector.